Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science - SKL

SKL is a national forensics expert agency which develops and meets the needs of the judicial system for forensic expertise within our areas of responsibility, in consultation with the judicial authorities.


As an independent expert agency, SKL’s principal task is to carry out investigations in criminal cases on behalf of the judicial authorities.

Independent expert agency

SKL is an independent service financed through subventions and operating under the auspices of Rikspolisstyrelsen (the Swedish National Police Board). This makes us oganizationally part of the police as an expert agency working in close partnership with the various police authorities.

SKL is accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 for the majority of the investigations carried out by our staff and for ISO/IEC 17020 for arson investigation at the fire scene. In 2012, SKL was one of only a few laboratories in Europe to receive IT forensic investigation accreditation.

Staff with guaranteed specialist expertise

Our staff is not, however, police officers, but are specialists in their own areas. Most of them have academic qualifications, supplemented by extensive in-house training. We use our competence assurance system (Competence – Development – Authority) to ensure that staff att different levels have the appropriate competence to perform their individual tasks.

An integral part of the judicial system

Most forensic investigations are carried out on behalf of the judicial system (police, prosecuters and courts) in criminal cases. We also carry out assignments, i.e. investigations for individual customers such as insurance companies and private citizens. For example, we regularly carry out handwriting investigations on behalf of the judicial authorities in Iceland. Assignments outside of the judicial system are subjects to a fee.

National and international player in forensics

SKL is also involved in research, development, information, training and the provision of support and services across the full spectrum of forensic investigation. The work carried out primarily via the ENFSI working groups (the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) has ensured a prominent international role for SKL.

Commited, efficient and available

Our work at SKL is imbued with the fundamental values of the Swedish Police. This means that, in carrying out our assignments, we are:

  • Commited – showing responsibility and respect.
  • Efficient – with respects to results and development.
  • Available – to the general public and each other.

You can read more at www.forensicscience.eu, where you find articles and publications from SKL.